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Mikel should be the foreign player to go were overloaded in midfield

On 14/08/14 since iPhone : Fan Chelsea
Paul211 Joel you fool, you have no idea what you're talking about - Mikel is spine of our team with Torres in front of him and Iva behind, if only we still had Hilario!!!!!
On 14/08/14
Starteamchelsea 👆😂😂😂 Kalou & bosingwa on bench we would be ruling pl lol
On 14/08/14
Paul211 Certainly now we got Moses back from loan
On 14/08/14
Ziggy1 Mikel should be our player manager!😎
On 14/08/14
Chelsea83 Mikel was better than messi
On 15/08/14
Kiwtir_2007 Mikel IS better than messi
On 15/08/14
Grwhayes Mikkel and Moses should go but no one wants them
On 15/08/14
Cfclampard I bet winston Bogarde is still on the bench somewhere
On 15/08/14
Paul211 He's so big he can't get up off the bench
On 15/08/14
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