Houmane - Club-chelsea 485 follower

Ali use this site all matches on it not only football also basketball hockey rugby etc. You only need to download sopcast for it. It doesnt have spam or ads so there you go mate

On 09/02/11 since web
iMoni No need for sopcast ;)
On 09/02/11
Houmane Lol doesnt work for a min site is overloaded but thats very rare
On 09/02/11
Houmane No but its more handy because the browser thing fucking sucks lol
On 09/02/11
iMoni And how does it work with sopcast ?
On 09/02/11
Houmane Download sopcast, click on a sopcast server on the site, done
On 09/02/11
Charlieschelsea On iPhone?
On 10/02/11
Houmane Pc
On 10/02/11
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