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1 seconde ago since web
Envoyé : Muppets92

This says it all with our season

2 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

Just watched the game. Eriksen and lloris amazing! Didn't know Lennon could cross with his left foot either

22 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

Anyone seen berbatovs goal for Monaco, great finish

53 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Muppets92 Amazing goal. Shame he never puts the effort in
24 minutes ago

Refs a cunt was a foul by arteta

2 hours ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

Unlucky Livermore

2 hours, 10 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

Hate arsenal

2 hours, 12 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

Livermore has been really good here.. 2 really good passes in about a minute there

2 hours, 22 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Football

Norwich want TS happy days I'll drive him up there!

3 hours, 42 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Super-Spurz I'll pay for your petrol
2 hours, 7 minutes ago
Jambo999 Il chip in too
1 hour, 23 minutes ago
Yiddish69 He wouldn't be seen dead on your car adman lol
51 minutes ago

I think we can come to the conclusion that some of us want to give Sherwood a chance and some don't. Can we give it a rest he's gone at end of season so shall we just move on now

3 hours, 47 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Cabby70 He may be gone but some of the stick he gets is laughable.
3 hours, 43 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole I have genuinely not one idea of why people would want him to stay.. He's shown next to nothing on the pitch on the sidelines or in the press that warrants wanting him to stay
3 hours, 39 minutes ago
Muppets92 I wanted to give him the chance but we all knew he was gone in the summer so why bother with a 18 month contract?
3 hours, 28 minutes ago
Cabby70 Well let's just get a big name in and everything will be alright then. The amount of managers we've been through tells you this ain't an easy job, wait till Juergen Klopp becomes Juergen flopp!
3 hours, 26 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole How does a big name become manager become a big name manager? He does a good job! What's so hard to understand? It doesn't gaurentee he'd do a good job.. But you can look at what he has done at his history and say if he fits what you want to get done! With Sherwood we haven't a clue what he's like other than the last 6 months which has been a clusterfuck
3 hours, 13 minutes ago
Cabby70 Clusterfuck lol. Take out the individual errors we'd be in top 4 easily. You gonna pin the blame for them on him as well?
2 hours, 53 minutes ago
Safe1 That's not like you hothole? You normally always back the managers? You was so behind AVB too? What's so wrong with Tim? I personally don't want him to stay but why don't you???
2 hours, 51 minutes ago
Jodeylee Why don't you want him to stay safe?
2 hours, 49 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole Some have been down to team selection.. Like the first goal conceded at Liverpool! But for the most part no I wouldn't give him any blame for them.. I would blame him for conceding after 3 seconds 3 weeks on the bounce tho! But again individual errors aren't our only fault.. And even yesterday lloris was arguably our best player! And the other thing is it was the same under avb.. It was actually worse because there was a time that's all we were conceding from
2 hours, 45 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole I want him gone for the most part for digging out the players.. If he was atleast supporting them it would be fine regardless of how he is on the pitch! All he had to do is handle himself with some dignity and humility and give players some confidence.. Genuinely all I thought could be expected from him.. He's done the opposite
2 hours, 43 minutes ago
Cabby70 Just as I thought. Your dislike for the man himself clouding your judgement.
2 hours, 20 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole Not at all.. How he acts and talks about the players publicly is a big part of management.. Actually a big part of what happens when getting coaching badges
1 hour, 57 minutes ago
Super-Spurz I want him gone now For the simple reason he doesn't know what he is doing .. He is learning on the job and in our position that is impossible, he needs to learn his trade lower down the league or in the championship .. But we need a experience manager ... Tactically he is shocking playing Lennon in the hole against Chelsea .. Playing dembele on the right wing .. Keeps playing bentalab .. And why the hell does he sit in the stand, managers get sent to the stand as punishment and he does it to get better view of the game ...and he has no people skills all he does is just put players down with his arrogance is beyond belief and just rude ... All of this points to an inexperienced or an amateur manager .. Either way not what we need so can't wait till he is gone and good riddance ...
1 hour, 42 minutes ago
Yiddish69 Fickle spurs fans you will never be happy Harry out AVB out Ramos out Jol out who do you want that prick Jose he is a disgrace to football at least Sherwood is honest and knows our squad and club shit the fuck up
48 minutes ago
Super-Spurz Lol Great Sherwood C.V. - Honest - Knows The Club Well
37 minutes ago
Safe1 Jodeylee I think he will become a decent manager but I think hothole is right, you need to stick up for your players in the media and not keep bitching about them. So of his picks are just so odd its unreal? You need someone like Rogers who's liked by all his players, very humble in the press and is tactically very good. We missed the boat on him, still keep thinking what if? What if levy backed Harry when we was 3rd a few season back in jan only 3 points behind? We might have done a Liverpool now :(( selling your best players every other years is not the way forward and I think levy is to blame totally for the mess we are now in.
19 minutes ago
Yiddish69 Statistically better than AVB Ramos and Jol
18 minutes ago
Duff100au Avb had our best win percentage of all time
8 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Hahahaha says you Yiddish who wanted avb out. Give me a break😴😴
8 minutes ago
Duff100au I want him gone coz he is a slimey cunt. Said the squad was more than good enough in jan then now has the nerve to say it isn't. The only thing that isn't good enough is him because these players were more than good enough in previous seasons at other clubs. Another thing is the football is absolute piss. It's just fucking long ball to the biggest bloke on the field(ade)
4 minutes ago

There's only one Tim Sherwood!!!

4 hours, 7 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
TottenhamHothole Why do you defend him so much when you dug avb out so much?
3 hours, 55 minutes ago
Cabby70 Cos I think with another season he might get it right. AVB's football was horrible to watch and he had no character. I quite like Tim's stance, his no nonsense attitude is what the jumped up players need.
3 hours, 46 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole Based on what? Genuinely in what way has he shown he might get it right? And this football is just as bad as Avbs.. In my opinion worse! And digging players out publicly in the media.. Saying he doesn't fancy some of them.. Saying they are a much of a muchness.. That's not management! That's absolute bollox
3 hours, 40 minutes ago
Cabby70 That's my style
3 hours, 36 minutes ago
Cabby70 Just scored 8 in the last 2 games against relegation fighting teams. How often did that used to happen. We're not far behind Everton, who everyone's creaming themselves over and scum who were top a short while ago.
3 hours, 30 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole Are goals genuinely the only argument? Like nothing else in the sport matters! Is there any concern over how he acts or how he's leaving our best midfielder at home?
3 hours, 16 minutes ago
Cabby70 Where would we be if ade was still out in the cold? Watching Soldado put tap ins over the bar. and the introduction of Kane weren't no bad thing was it? We also know we've got a great future talent in Bentaleb. As a transition go's, I think he's done ok.
3 hours, 13 minutes ago
Cabby70 Have you seen sandro in training? No I didn't think so.
3 hours, 12 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole Your guessing.. There's no point of doing that.. I think we'd be better off without ade and Sherwood with avb.. It's pointless! Avb played Kane in other comps.. Would of eventually had Been forced to play him the prem most likely! Bentaleb is a fine talent anyway.. Bringing him through is good but bentaleb was that talented anyway and it didn't matter if we knew it or not! So you really think that sandro who's trying to get to a World Cup in his own country is playing so bad in training he doesn't merit sitting on our bench and playing Chadli and paulinho ahead of him is justified? You helier that?
3 hours, 3 minutes ago
Cabby70 Sandro's my fave player, but we don't know the full story. And he hasn't been the beast we all know since his injury.
2 hours, 57 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole And Lennons was anonymous up to about 2 weeks for about 3 months before that.. Was he great in training then? It's just aload of bollox and you know it is.. No way would you be defending avb! And no way would I be either
2 hours, 49 minutes ago
Cabby70 I'm not using sandro as an example for why people hate Tim. It's being going on for ages and it's laughable.
2 hours, 10 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole And I wasn't one of them.. I agreed with you
1 hour, 57 minutes ago
Cabby70 I just luck that Neil warlock, Brian clough attitude of 'say what you like' and 'like what you say'.
1 hour, 51 minutes ago
Cabby70 Like*
1 hour, 51 minutes ago

Hey guys what realistic CB and LB could u see us signing!?! Just a few I thought of please don't start shouting at me I've had enough of that just want people's thoughts
CB Caulker veltman garay
LB Rodriguez blind shaw

5 hours, 18 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Dannydefoe Shaw will go to a bigger and better club
4 hours, 36 minutes ago
Jodeylee I think we could get shaw tbh unless bin dippers go for him. And as for cb I'm not too sure
4 hours, 22 minutes ago
Adman28 Shaw will be hot property in summer everyone will be after him!
4 hours, 19 minutes ago
Dannydefoe Yeh I think Chelsea or United will get him or the gooners
4 hours, 18 minutes ago
Adman28 All the top teams will go in for him that's why Rodriguez or Ben Davies will be a better cheaper option or adriano from barca
4 hours, 16 minutes ago
Super-Spurz I would take Veltman and Ashley cole on free
57 minutes ago

We're linked to wellbeck 20million lol do we a favor rather Kane

8 hours, 7 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Nikeshb More like I'd rather Hernandez instead welbeck, he is wasted at united
7 hours, 45 minutes ago
Jodeylee Yeah saw that. Fuck no. Please don't waste another 20m
6 hours, 26 minutes ago
Jambo999 Haha utter bs
4 hours, 8 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole I like welbeck but not as a striker
3 hours, 54 minutes ago
Safe1 I like welback too! Decent player in my eyes
2 hours, 47 minutes ago
Jodeylee Rather jelavic than wellbeck
2 hours, 30 minutes ago

Of all those teams, I think Id rather have Liverpool win the title. Shows that money isn't everything (even though they're still quite rich). Never thought Id say it but I hope we can emulate them next season.

8 hours, 13 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Envoyé : J2bad27

8 hours, 13 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Football

What the fuck did ts say about sandro? Please tell me? Can't believe what I'm reding, what a cubt sorry pretty smashed!

17 hours, 25 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Cabby70 He said he don't think he's good enough at moment for a place in team. He seemed pissed off that sandro had tweeted that he was fit and not injured. Stupid situation really, both should have kept schtum.
17 hours, 11 minutes ago
Algreen29 Badly handled, agreed should have both shut up! Sandro should okay if fit tho IMO
15 hours, 40 minutes ago
Cabby70 Agree, he's my fave player, but he hasn't exactly been 100% since his injury.
15 hours, 32 minutes ago
Charlie170401 Alan shearer was right players should not be tweeting shit comments about there manager, Sandro needs to grow up and stop sulking, if your not picked get over it, we won 3-1 not lost fucking 6-0. Some people on here do your head in
7 hours, 39 minutes ago
Jodeylee Well, there's obviously a lot of unrest in the side atm that hasn't been sorted. Yeah sandro shouldn't have tweeted that but Sherwood should've taken him to one side and discussed the issue. Surely he'd of gained more respect for doing that than digging him out on live tv.
6 hours, 19 minutes ago
Teddy_1978 Whats the point in a defensive midfielder when our defence can't defend hahaha
5 hours, 30 minutes ago
Teddy_1978 Jode how do we know he hasn't!!! And to fair to Sandro was he just answering a question what was asked of him ???
5 hours, 28 minutes ago
Jodeylee The defence should be able to defend but they haven't all season for some reason. Seems to be our Achilles heel atm. We've actually been scoring (thanks to eriksen and Kane largely). Just want this season over and onto next season
5 hours, 24 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole What keeps happening is the midfield get beat or aren't there to get beat and the defense have to move out of position or step up and then the ball In behind is on.. Didn't cost us yday but it has! Yday paulinuo got beat easy and sidwell ended up finishing the move.. Dms matter it's stupid to say they don't.. You can get away with it if your playing well or ball dominant or disciplined and we are none of those things
3 hours, 51 minutes ago

Can't believe Sunderland took mourinhos record away!! Priceless. Bin dippers will win it now. Come on Norwich

17 hours, 41 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Cabby70 Great to see a chink in the armour.
17 hours, 37 minutes ago
Algreen29 Defo
17 hours, 30 minutes ago
Yiddish69 Gave me a little grin
4 hours, 40 minutes ago

Pauliniho Capoue lamela soldado vlad chadli
Will all come good under the right manager and eriksen can only get better as a number 10 with a few new signings and a season out of EL build side around eriksen

19 hours ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Cabby70 Easy as that is it? Just stroll back into CL next season eh!
17 hours, 45 minutes ago
Safe1 Soldado can't do much worse then this season as on that showing he's not even worth a free transfer so yea I guess your right.
16 hours, 17 minutes ago
Adman28 Cabby where in what I wrote did I say it was gonna be easy just trying to look on the bright side of once it could be a lot worse! We're not a million miles away just need the right manager and a few new players and we're be ok
8 hours, 50 minutes ago
Envoyé : Super_jan5


19 hours, 11 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Football
Dannydefoe Lol lol lol :)
17 hours, 50 minutes ago
Super_jan5 I see what you did there, are you Sandro in disguise haha
17 hours, 49 minutes ago
Dannydefoe I love sandro was willing to back Tim but not after him slagging players off
17 hours, 36 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Needs to get respect for the players
17 hours, 32 minutes ago
Jodeylee Haha
8 hours, 32 minutes ago
Yiddo82 Jesus Tim has done nothing wrong and being honest!!! Sandro should not have tweeted full stop!!! How is this tims fault!!! You lot wouldn't be happy with anyone!!!!
7 hours, 11 minutes ago
Jodeylee Are you happy with a manager that has zero experience at managing anyone let alone a prem side? Are you happy with a manager that seems to think he's good enough and has the experience to sit in the stands when the side needed direction from the dugout when they were getting smashed? I don't think so.
6 hours, 22 minutes ago
Super_jan5 How was it Sandros fault seriously??? All he done was said that he wasn't injured!! Tim thinks he's gods gift. I sat at WHL when we went 2-0 down to Southampton, Tim was up in the directors box not giving a flying fuck. Sooner he's out of the club the better!
6 hours, 18 minutes ago
Yiddish69 Timmy Sherwood's blue and white army stop whining bunch of fickle fans we could finish on our highest point scored in the prem grande that means FA but that's all AVB done rat faced tosser. Time right some is these players need a reality check and a kick up the arse over payed drama queens
4 hours, 37 minutes ago
Jodeylee It's not whining though is it? It's putting your own opinion and if it comes across as fickle then so be it. It's the way of life that's a fact. Anyway Sherwood is gone end of season just hope we get a manager that can sort our shambles out. I know it's our best points total but if it wasn't for our lack of creativity and shocking defending just think where we'd be now
4 hours, 16 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Seriously do you think our highest point total matters when we get nothing from it? No CL, and another spot in Europa.
4 hours, 14 minutes ago
Cabby70 Too many wanker players not pulling their weight for the majority of the season. You don't get in the top 4 unless they're all at it. We're 12 points behind Chelsea FFS, which ain't bad in my books considering we couldn't score under AVB.
3 hours, 58 minutes ago
Super_jan5 I do agree a lot of players haven't put in a good enough shift. And yes we are only 12pts behind Chelsea, still doesn't excuse our poor mess of a season.
3 hours, 55 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole Haha I love how people still dig avb out when Sherwood has been way worse and worse than that a fucking joke off the pitch! But look we scored a few goals thanks to individual brilliance Wahey
3 hours, 48 minutes ago

TS Sherwood's blue and white army

20 hours, 26 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Duff100au Rather eriksen be player manager
20 hours, 12 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Not for long👌
20 hours, 10 minutes ago
Cabby70 People want to be careful what they wish for. Grass ain't always greener.
17 hours, 49 minutes ago
Super_jan5 I wish Tim Sherwood would get out my club.
17 hours, 38 minutes ago
Cabby70 Did we lose?
17 hours, 36 minutes ago
Super_jan5 No we didn't. That's besides the point though.
17 hours, 32 minutes ago
Yiddish69 Lol fickle fans
11 hours, 45 minutes ago
Jodeylee Everyone is fickle to a point. If say Sherwood got us in cl this season then next season got us relegated would you still be loving him? I would be willing to bet he'd be slated by literally all
8 hours, 29 minutes ago
Yiddish69 Poison chalice really
8 hours, 1 minute ago
Super_jan5 Fickle fans? Are you for real? I was always willing to give him a chance. He disrespects our players, he thinks he's the best manager around, and quite frankly I hate him. I have liked his honesty, but no need to go as far as what he says to the media. What did bill nic say? "It's no use just winning, we've got to win well."... Not playing good football at all under Sherwood. And as for saying only Lloris and Ade are the only two that automatically get into the team I think is stupid. Eriksen? Tim Sherwood just doesn't do it for me.
7 hours, 13 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole I admit I am fickle.. And there's reasons for it! I backed him at the start he proved he's a thick cunt so now I can't wait till the summer and he's gone! Which is way better way to be in my opinion than a I'm not even sure what the word is.. If you were one of the People who dug into avb and are backing Sherwood I'm not even sure what to say
3 hours, 45 minutes ago

The west london wankers lost fucking superb, you chav pricks

21 hours ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

Ironic a loanee has come in and killed Chelsea

21 hours, 27 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Football

Chelshit losing hahahaha

21 hours, 35 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Jambo999 There wil b a last min pen ofc
21 hours, 35 minutes ago
Jodeylee Who do you want to win league? I'd rather shitty. This game didn't matter it's the game against bin dippers they need to win
21 hours, 26 minutes ago
Jambo999 I rather shitty won it bt they seem to b coming short, between liverscum and chelshit, the former
21 hours, 24 minutes ago
Jambo999 Had chalshit the most
21 hours, 24 minutes ago
Jambo999 Hate*
21 hours, 24 minutes ago


21 hours, 37 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

Tim Sherwood quite simply has been on a suicide mission for a while now. Some of his formations have been suspect, his subs to change games have been very suspect, publicly slating the players may go down once but to keep doing it is a joke, keeping bentaleb in the starting 11 when he does fuck all. Need I say more?

21 hours, 38 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Super_jan5 Said it in a nutshell. Getting bored of the Tim Sherwood lovers😴
20 hours, 41 minutes ago
Cabby70 Did we lose today?
18 hours, 12 minutes ago
Cabby70 Apart from the defensive mistakes we've been making of late, our football has improved upon AVB's tedious shite, our results ain't been the end of the world considering some pony performances of certain individuals and we've started banging a few goals in. He's dropped Bentaleb and people still ain't happy. He's bought ade back, Kane in, both of which have turned out to be good decisions. The sandro one is strange, I reckon there's more to that than's being said.
17 hours, 38 minutes ago

Bin dippers title now noone else wants it

21 hours, 41 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Jodeylee That result didn't matter too much. It's the bin dipper game that's more important. Need chavs to win so shitty can still do it
21 hours, 35 minutes ago

Anyone think Sherwood has a bit of keane syndrome! Thinks he was the best midfielder so needs to pick on the current crop to feel better? And the only reason he wants to say Ade is world class is because he thinks it will make him look good because he brought him back into the squad

22 hours, 43 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Cabby70 No
22 hours, 33 minutes ago
Teddy_1978 U not think some of the players r just playing for money with no passion or pride???
22 hours, 2 minutes ago
J2bad27 Yeh Ido think some of the players are just playing for the cash but I also think Sherwood has some serious issues. Sooner the season ends the better.
21 hours, 58 minutes ago
Teddy_1978 Sherwood issue is he wears his heart on his sleeve!! Sometimes he should shut up , but he never bought the players we got last summer and we never improved on positions we need to!!!
21 hours, 54 minutes ago
Duff100au There are plenty of players at other clubs on more money and they perform. Sherwood should be able to mould a team full of international standard players into something that works. Tim can suck a filthy cock and piss off. Arrogant cunt who has done fuck all as a manager so has zero right to be arrogant
20 hours, 13 minutes ago
Mushy87 Well said duff
19 hours, 35 minutes ago

Sandro is valued higher than Sherwood. Simple

22 hours, 51 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Teddy_1978 Neither is valued in my eyes!!!
22 hours ago

Can't wait to TS fucks off

23 hours, 25 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

💩💩💩💩 Tim Sherwood 💩💩💩💩

23 hours, 28 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Mushy87 Is 💩💩💩 and talks 💩💩💩
23 hours, 16 minutes ago
Cabby70 Better than AVB
22 hours, 30 minutes ago
Mushy87 And he's still 💩💩💩
21 hours, 54 minutes ago
Duff100au Couldn't lace avbs boots and avb was shit
20 hours, 17 minutes ago
Cabby70 Apart from the defensive mistakes we've made during Sherwood's managerial career, are you telling me we are not playing better football than that turd AVB turned out?
17 hours, 46 minutes ago
Super-Spurz Sherwood is beyond a joke would funny if it weren't my team ... I can't wait till he goes Taxi For Sherwood +3 (Noughton Rose Dawson) bentalab can walk
14 hours, 44 minutes ago

Was the last time sandro played for us against Benfica at CB?
If if was, he gave away that pen right at the death. I wonder if words were exchanged then, which has lead to him being dropped.

23 hours, 39 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

#Tottenham Sherwood shouldn't have said what he did but neither should have Sandro in thrle first place. If Ur not picked then don't go and bitch about it. But as manager u also don't respond with stupid comments. As for league position, Sorry but u can't blame Tim for the poor defensive mistakes we make. Levy sacked harry and avb and hired tim so the buck stops there

23 hours, 50 minutes ago since web
Super_jan5 What Sandro shouldn't of told the fans he wasn't injured? Tim takes it too far, there was no need to say that he wasn't good enough for our squad, because he is. We missed Sandro a lot last season. Getting sick and tired of him publicly slating our players, needs to get respect for them.
23 hours, 45 minutes ago
Nikesh both in the wrong.
23 hours, 42 minutes ago
Cabby70 More to this than meets the eye
23 hours, 42 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Sherwood is more in the wrong.
23 hours, 41 minutes ago
Mushy87 Bother shouldn't of said what they have but Sherwood can't handle the pressure of the job and isn't professional enough
23 hours, 36 minutes ago
Cabby70 Bit hard when 90% of the fans dig you out for every word you say.
23 hours, 34 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Maybe he shouldn't make such ludicrous statements
23 hours, 19 minutes ago
Mushy87 But managers should be more professional than that. Once you show it's getting to you it proves you can't cope. Sherwood has been self obsessed and a pillock since the start.
23 hours, 18 minutes ago
Teddy_1978 Sherwood said at the min he's not good enough !! But loves him as a player !! If he's not training right then he has every right not to pick him !! Who knows best !! TS who to be honest has the best interests in the club and sees him training day in day out or us who read his twitter feed!!!
22 hours, 51 minutes ago
Cabby70 Agree teddy, people twist everything that Tim says to suit. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes. I'm Sandro's biggest fan, but Tim can't say anything right in most peoples eyes, but give me him over AVB any day. He could say he was the 'best' player in the world but the dopey fans would twist it to say ''cunt'.
22 hours, 33 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole I'd actually agree with that sandro shouldn't of said anything but.. 1- hes not good enough for the bench? 2- he's playing a winger/am in cm 3- our season is over 4- the guy is trying to make the Brazil squad for a World Cup in Brazil.. It would of been tough to get in there anyway but now he can't even get a chance to prove himself! Imagine how annoying that is?
22 hours, 31 minutes ago
Cabby70 None of us know the full story, maybe we should stop jumping to conclusions.
22 hours, 29 minutes ago
Cabby70 Agree that Chadli is wasted in DM role though.
22 hours, 27 minutes ago
TottenhamHothole We know that sandro is fit.. We know that Sherwood "doesn't think he's good enough to be in the side at the moment".. We know this for facts the guy said it! If in a month it comes out sandro questioned his tactics Infront of the squad like ade did to avb I'd say ok that's fair enough dropping him was the right thing to do.. But we have no reason to believe that happened at the minute
22 hours, 25 minutes ago
Cabby70 Maybe he's hit a bit of bad form in training? Who knows!
22 hours, 16 minutes ago
Mushy87 Yeah who knows but Sherwood being the manager should address sandro properly about the tweet and not be a prat in an interview.
21 hours, 51 minutes ago
Jodeylee End of the day three games to go and Tim is gone anyway. Sandro back in the side next season. Fingers crossed for a decent manager who can get the players we have plus two or three gone and two or three in playing together the spurs way and more next season. Also fingers crossed we don't get that massamilliano bloke. I don't trust baldini simple as that
21 hours, 44 minutes ago
Mushy87 Yeah that Italian chap was shit at Milan so why would we want him.
20 hours, 25 minutes ago
Jodeylee Fucking joke mushy
20 hours, 15 minutes ago

A lot of unrest in the changing rooms, tony parks and rose both arguing. Maybe if Sherwood got respect for our players it would be different

23 hours, 56 minutes ago since iPhone : Fan Football
Mushy87 Well said
22 hours, 54 minutes ago
Teddy_1978 Bollocks !! If rose stopped doing dick head challenges in the box then maybe ppl wouldn't say anything !! Always Sherwoods fault !! Think theres a war breaking out somewhere we can blame TS for !!!
22 hours, 46 minutes ago
Cabby70 What're you hear this jan? Twitter lol
22 hours, 31 minutes ago
Cabby70 Where*
22 hours, 31 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Did you not see them having a heated argument on the side of the pitch? It's not just about Danny rose, it's quite clear that Tim Sherwood is disrespecting our players, saying they're 'not good enough'.. Well he's not good enough for spurs. Simples.
22 hours, 27 minutes ago
Cabby70 No, didn't see it, been on the beach. Sandro aside, He's right though, many of them are not good enough.
22 hours, 14 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Exactly. It's Tim's duty to make them.
22 hours, 13 minutes ago
Super_jan5 Good enough.
22 hours, 12 minutes ago
Cabby70 If you're shit you're shit, can't polish a turd. Get rid and replace!
22 hours, 9 minutes ago
Super_jan5 So Tim sherwood then!!
21 hours, 45 minutes ago
Cabby70 Did we lose today?
18 hours, 10 minutes ago
Super_jan5 As iv said before, besides the point
7 hours, 53 minutes ago

Sandro must have caught Sherwood with a roundhouse for him to say he ain't good enough.

1 day ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites

What a cunt Sherwood seriously your mouth is worse then a 8 year old

1 day, 1 hour ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Nikesh and its fine for a player to go bitchin on twitter?
23 hours, 46 minutes ago
Super_jan5 @sandroraniere: Good morning Guys, just to let you know that i'm not injured ! Hope that we can win the game today. - that's hardly bitching. And his 'lol lol lol' was responding to Sherwood's idiotic comments
23 hours, 44 minutes ago

Please don't tell me he said sandro not good enough?

1 day, 1 hour ago since iPhone : Fan Lilywhites
Super_jan5 Yes he did say that😡😡
1 day, 1 hour ago
Teddy_1978 Again typical spurs fans , hearing what they want to here!!!
1 day ago
Super_jan5 Considering he did say that?
1 day ago
Jodeylee Joker. Bye bye Sherwood
1 day ago
Super_jan5 Cant wait till he's gone!
1 day ago
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